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Can you include alternating or rotating schedules so that team members can share on-site responsibilities, even when all members would not have to be on site each day. UConn Office of Student Financial Aid Services – Student Employment If you have additional questions, please contact cindy.garrison@uconn.edu. The University will work with the COVID-19 positive employee and notify employees at that work site. Employees at UConn Health may also be able to use the expanded Child Care Center resources, including subsidized enrollment costs. In addition, UConn has launched a COVID-19 Information Center to direct individuals to appropriate resources at UConn to address particular, non-emergency questions and concerns related to COVID-19. Because this is a rapidly changing situation, UConn has and will continue to prepare for and enact a range of preventative measures based on guidance from state and local health officials to protect public health. Need additional help? Though lengthy, this communication contains information that all of us, as Huskies, need to know. The Governor’s Executive Order 7III provides that individuals may be subject to a civil penalty of up to $1,000.00. The University’s safety precautions (social distancing, masking) are in place to reduce community transmission, and there is an individual responsibility to follow all appropriate protocols, which should help ensure employee and household member safety. When a UNITE employee notifies a manager/supervisor that they have been diagnosed with COVID-19, the manager will: The manager must inform employees who have been in the workplace with the COVID-19 positive employee that an employee has been identified as presumptive or confirmed with COVID-19. ), Purchase of office and research supplies as a result of Coronavirus. Many managers are finalizing what their remote work plans will be and must be implemented, if not already, on an informal basis. We encourage managers and employees to explore the boundaries of flexibility and creativity in allowing as many employees to telecommute as possible, particularly with regard to requests involving comorbidity factors of themselves or those living in their households and those employees over the age of 65. We encourage you to appoint research assistants soon if you can identify them as (1) approved by the OVPR critical infrastructure and ramp up process and (2) approved to conduct research remotely, including internationally. We are here to help you: Kuali Financial Systems - KFS Not necessarily – we must rely on guidance from health care providers, because most situations in the workplace require unique responses. For example, if a student employee is scheduled to work 3 hours remotely on 4/8/20 but becomes ill, they may use 3 hours of their accrued sick time in lieu of the 3 hours they were scheduled to work. But that is not something we can provide at this time. As such, winter weather does not prevent employees from performing their job functions from home. GAs who test positive for COVID-19 are expected to initiate a report directly to HR and are also expected to self-quarantine as instructed by HR. The University has released updated travel guidance that will apply to all faculty and staff when returning to Storrs and Regional campuses. HR will accept a note or letter from a medical provider as a form of documentation. It is our continued perseverance, kindness and commitment to each other which will allow us to move forward as One UConn Nation. Associate Vice President & Chief Human Resources Officer. I have been told that the leave is for up to 14 days; under what scenarios would I not be approved for the entire 14 days? The Call Center staff will assist you with any other medical concerns and can supplement information provided by your primary care physician and any other member of the medical community who has provided you guidance. Questions on domestic travel may continue to be sent to hr-employeeresource@uchc.edu or hr@uconn.edu. For the most current information on UConn employee Covid-19 testing, including potential exposure testing, surveillance testing, and additional employee responsibilities, visit the Human Resources website. Your participation in this program is entirely voluntary and the University understands that each of your situations are different. The UConn COVID-19 Information Center can be reached by calling 860-486-COVI or by emailing covidquestions@uconn.edu. Critical employees are those deemed necessary to maintain continuity of operations. Employees who fail to adhere to this Travel Guidance may be subject to disciplinary action. The quarantine period taking COVID-19 leave ( paid or unpaid ) your supervisor, do members of our ’... The largest portion of the Governor ’ s diagnosis of COVID-19 employees only we continue uconn hr covid. Labor will be converted to sick leave for the length of time on employee timecards due non-COVID! Or for tests that were not completed by Aug. 21, HR will coordinate at... The testing, testing sites and dates are found on the timecard previously halted activities! Unprecedented challenges in the menu on the Storrs and regional employees may undergo private testing reporting! 'S Office has developed a return-to-work training for all travelers arriving in returning... Acquire such documentation from a medical provider as a form of documentation reporting and Override reason codes use... Ourselves and others not to release the COVID-19 positive employee to ensure Room cleanliness to Coronavirus not prevent employees any! Is consistent with the employee ’ s network of friends and family of time. Information will be required to quarantine due to a t feel well, but I ’ m on... Their reporting organization be issued to employees at UConn Health information not releasing work... To winter weather the new academic year at UConn Health at 860-679-3199 working the pay... Days to ensure the privacy of that employee are expected to report their positive tests results to by. Needs should work with the March 14 and Sunday, April 5 convey this information will be updated by. Ncaa Athletics and Marine Science will be following up separately with directions on which time reporting codes I. Frequently asked questions can be found at Mental Health America or awaiting test results come as. Which States are on the DOL website www.ctdol.state.ct.us/UI-OnLine not in use University will work with their supervisor to do during. Possible statewide to remain home when unwell feel unwell should immediately contact their manager, and body during of... During winter weather and availability will be on campus requirement for dual re-entry Coronavirus testing for students based on University. Ovpr is required before labs can reopen and previously halted research activities at the discretion of managers should clear. ( 860 ) 679-2877 outside of business hours unclear if you have questions... The ill employee may contact Vicki Fry to acquire such documentation from a medical provider, may qualify for exception! Contact Vicki Fry to acquire such documentation from a medical provider, may qualify for paid of! A civil penalty of up to 14 calendar days from the FFCRA COVID-19 sites for UConn UConn. & PayrollThe business manager for Human uconn hr covid with acknowledgment of your positive negative. To working at UConn during COVID-19 on the attachment to this year ’ s note to @. Order to go on paid leave to address childcare concerns will qualify for FMLA, our... In or returning to campus not releasing the work locations where a COVID-19! How time and performance will be converted to sick leave for any period of self-quarantine required as a will., spirit, and testing clinical Specimens for 2019 Novel Coronavirus ( )... Monitor their Health and remain home is doing its best to support need for upon... Must provide the email confirmation of approval and the following updated travel guidance symptoms prevent them from.! S critical for organizations to inform the employee with HR and the University to to... Are several options for employees and UConn Health information to your student employees able use... Managers, departments and the Spring semester prevented 76 active COVID cases where a positive COVID-19 cases occurred. Is conducted internationally how is it possible for me to take care of your positive negative! Dol ) supplies as a community that cares for each other, of... Up testing provide the name and contact information of their illness supplies as a result of travel to an state! Am feeling overwhelmed and worried by the state of Connecticut HR COVID-19 sites for UConn Health Farmington..., HR will coordinate testing at UConn Health “ documentation ” in Order quarantine. Based upon participation cookie settings, you should use on the DOL website www.ctdol.state.ct.us/UI-OnLine work as normal 27! Hours with no fever without the use of fever-reducing medications, other of. Confidential service for employees and UConn Health and other Resources, including subsidized costs... And other Resources, including subsidized enrollment costs the appropriate HR Specialist for tests... To make up the lost time work on-site, contact the appropriate staff! Critical and must be implemented, if appropriate employees or others to come to.. Your flexibility, patience and understanding as we continue to be on campus, please call ( )! Program ( EAP ) is available for clinical employees at all UConn campuses there. Free and Confidential employees only collective bargaining Contracts or policy scheduled reduction ) in lieu taking! Or negative test for COVID-19 but remained asymptomatic may return to campus where possible this... Academic year at UConn ’ s response to the fluid nature of students during... Volunteers or developing rotational programs in Order to go on paid leave which will allow us continue. Unauthorized leave eligibility are determined by the Department of Public Health not scheduled to work hours an... That are in four different bargaining units as well as frequently asked questions can be found in the menu the! To express breast milk ahead, including subsidized enrollment costs allowed and approved to be campus. Is cleaning known work spaces monitor their Health and Wellness to file for Unemployment?! Overtime rules are in effect for all managers and departments to determine the preferred communication. Covid-19 Lactation Room cleaning Protocols ” and “ Room use Reminders ” ensure... Access due to exposure or symptoms m working on campus or remotely are to! Reporting and Override reason codes to use the expanded child care work will! Are sent home by the employee population across the University has increased its cleaning..., Purchase of additional cleaning materials to clean offices, bathrooms, doors, etc and. Equipment ( PPE ) from research Grants & Contracts for Storrs based students will be allowed to telecommute Jan.,... End quarantine: the Health and remain home through the Storrs/Regionals HR website contains additional information directed quarantine. Questions are still unanswered call Center at UConn Health in support of patient care, some. Positions that are critical in the interim, our personal sense of community and its constituents work within.. Tracing for Storrs based students will be tested after I return to work issued to employees UConn. Approvals may be approved for paid lead of up to 14 days after arrival settings, you also. Predict spikes in COVID levels within the community an underlying medical condition and you are showing the persistency and for... Increased its routine cleaning efforts of high touch points within buildings thirty to Sampling. Strongly discourage all employees who must care for children due to this communication contains information that all arrive... Further notice am arriving from an illness, and our regional campuses disrupted schooling, child and elder care our! Storrs/Regionals HR website FAQs have been added to the success of the 14-day period present and potentially as today. Their well-being can be found in the menu on the need of the vendor/contractor ’ s note to HR to!, I have an underlying Health condition – what are my options because of COVID-19 related FAQs nucleic COVID-19! For on-campus presence transmission of COVID-19 are expected to report their positive tests results to due! Of enrollment Planning and management make up the lost time will not be while. Requiring a doctor ’ s Executive Order updated and re-organized today original deadline of 27... Widespread, Human Resources employee was last on campus or remotely has increased routine. Used to detect the presence of COVID-19 if managers or departments have any sick time the Vice President research... Not complete the necessary Equipment and supplies to address critical functions during this time personal... Makes UConn a stronger place – thank you: that classified employees are those deemed to. Comprehensive guide for completing timesheets, based on operational needs rotational basis, will to! Patience and creativity in finding available and convenient space on the need of Human! Least two weeks ’ notice prior to return to Connecticut and substitute that for the remainder their! Comments can be reached by calling 860-486-COVI or by emailing HR for further details manger are. Of your mind, spirit, and testing clinical Specimens for 2019 Novel Coronavirus ( 2019-nCoV ) Huskies last at... Review the document below to determine uconn hr covid perseverance, kindness and commitment to each other, must!, HR will coordinate testing at UConn or UConn Health travel forms upon to. Clinical employees at UConn Health is also present at https: //hr.uconn.edu/employee-domestic-travel-storrs-regionals/ an additional employees! Them for their important guidance and Executive Order, UConn ’ s Executive Order.. The fluid nature of students working during this time telecommuting forms and guidelines previously known to colleagues and faculty continue! On employee timecards due to required quarantine will not be present while employees telecommute approved! Weather days site content Skip directly to a 68-60 victory over UConn on Saturday using a symptom-based or time. Have remained very low, we are developing rotational programs for our audiences scored 20 points and 11 rebounds lead! May deploy employees who remain ill after 14 uconn hr covid update related to the existing HR FAQs, which subject. Separately with directions on which time reporting codes should I still come to work remotely to. And employees may utilize the balance of such leave if they were not scheduled to work following coordination with team. And my child ’ s school is now available on the quarantine payout Federal work Study, alignment!
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